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The year is 7777. Earth has been desolate for thousands of years after generations of pollution, excessive waste, deforestation, and human acts have destroyed the environment.

Earth has struggled to heal during the years that have followed the collapse of humanity. Deforestation and the death of all bodies of water left the planet uninhabitable. Toxic waste and fumes circulated throughout the atmosphere. A thick layer of pollution blocked the Sun and prevented any rebalancing to equilibrium.

As the cloud of darkness only grew stronger, 7777’s total lunar eclipse would be the last of the Moon that Earth would ever see again. The evening of the eclipse, the Earth was quickly enveloped in darkness as the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon shifted into alignment.

Suddenly, in the profound moments of stillness that followed the lunar eclipse, a curious glimmer of light pulsed within the land. As abundant as the stars that once danced across Earth’s sky, seeds of light shimmered from barren hills and mountains. From the darkened ashes of life as we knew it, the Lunar Blossoms began to flourish. Swiftly and graciously, they began to prepare the land for the next generation of Earth’s inhabitants – benevolent keepers of relics that will commemorate each Lunar Blossom for years to come.


The 7,777 supply Lunar Blossoms PFP project will drop in two phases, which will begin on January 22, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST. Each wallet may mint 5 Blossoms total, but keepers may only mint 2 max during Phase 1.

For example, if a keeper mints 2 Blossoms during Phase 1, they may only mint 3 Blossoms during Phase 2. However, if they only mint during Phase 2, they may mint 5 Blossoms per wallet.

Phase 001: Allow List

The allow list is one of many perks our Sunrise sponsors receive. It is free to mint as part of the allow list. Keepers may mint 2 Blossoms max per wallet for the allow list on January 22, 2023 at 10 AM EST.

Phase 002: Public Sale

Public Sale Blossoms will go live on January 23, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST. Allow list keepers of 2 Blossoms may mint 3 more Blossoms max per wallet during Phase 2. Allow list keepers of 1 Blossom may mint 4 more Blossoms max per wallet during Phase 2. Otherwise, each wallet may mint 5 Blossoms. Public Sale will cost 0.0777 ETH for each Blossom.


Sunrise Art Club is a dedicated creative impact agency. Within our space, we are committed to the cultivation of a feeling of inclusion for brands and individuals who wish to join the web3 movement. Through a wide range of innovative mixers, curated galleries, and unique, hands-on experiences, Sunrise Art Club is the premier source to support and nurture the growing community of innovators who are shaping this new frontier.

Part of our mission to include brands and individuals who find an interest in web3 requires Sunrise to educate and mentor prospective contributors to our ecosystem. Education and mentorship within the Sunrise community have taken form in several projects, such as our NFT 101 section on Notion, our ongoing NFT ABCs thread on Twitter, and our web3 apprenticeship program.

The team behind Sunrise Art Club has put their all into the creative residency that has birthed Lunar Blossoms from seed. Alyssa and Byanca, as well, have worked tirelessly as lead artist and developer apprentices, respectively, to bring this PFP project Lunar Blossoms to life.



Elise Swopes

Chief Creator Director


Jetzi Calvin

Project Manager


Ann Liu

Creative Strategist


Alyssa Mae Tumlos

Lead Artist


Lauren Dorman

Lead Developer


Byanca De la Fuente

Developer Apprentice


Princesa 7



Daniel Ruiz

Art Director